Cosmeceutical - M-Ceutic

A New Vision of Perfection – M-Ceutic by Thalgo 

Loss of radiance, uneven skin tone, rough micro-surface, thick skin texture, dilated pores, localised imperfections, residual marks… M-Ceutic is the first medically-inspired professional cosmeceutical skincare range with patented Mesolift Marin designed to target factors that cause imperfections & irregularities.

Mesolift Marin is a non-invasive version of the anti-aging mesotherapy technique. The bio-regenerative “infusion” compensates for deficiencies in the bodies tissues to boost skin cells metabolism and maintain youthful looking skin.

Mesolift Marin is encapsulated at the centre of the biosphere, a unique transport system that releases the complex into the skin cells like an “injector”.

The intelligent concentric structure of this biosphere propels the bio-regenerative formula right to the heart of the target area. It is able to control its bio-distribution, enabling a sustained release for up to 48hrs. This ensures optimal infusion at the deeper layers of the epidermis and an unparalleled bioavailabilty.

M-Ceutic provides a 3-step cosmetic “treatment” capable of producing visible results in Spa, as well as a cosmetic “post-treatment” prescription for use at home, consisting of 6 products – 2 cleansers, 2 cream-serums & 2 specialty products.

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