Facial Therapy

As skincare experts, we choose only the best in skincare, cosmecutical products and award winning technology to provide you with visible results for long-term skin health. All our facial therapy’s include a complementary skin analysis with Thalgo’s New imetric device.

Thalgo’s first face analysis device gives you a complete overview of the needs of your skin in 10 areas and in just 10 minutes!

Your Face Diagnosis includes:

-Level of Hydration

-Skin Texture

-Pore Size

-Brightness of the Complexion

-Amount of sebum

-Red Patches

-Pigmentation Spots

-Age of Wrinkles

-Skin Firmness

Based on an analysis of your skin parameters, a specific algorithm determines the treatments and products best suited to the needs of your skin.

Your therapist will present the results of the personalised diagnosis to you & will determine your overall treatment schedule and beauty routine.

To maximize results we recommend a course of facials as well as using a thorough skincare regime at home.


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Power Facials
M-Ceutic Peel
. 30 mins

Correcting treatment for acne, scarred, pigmented & thickened skins

A new cosmecutical brand of Thalgo, targeting the causes of imperfections & irregularities that are resistant to conventional cosmetics, restoring perfect skin balance & optimal smoothness.

Course of 6 M-Ceutic Peels $469

. 30 mins

All skin types, except highly sensitive & cystic acne

Thalgo’s Skin-Expert machine uses crystal microdermabrasion for a renewed & totally transformed skin.

Course of 6 Microdermabrassion $469

LightStim LED
. 30 mins

Anti-Aging for all skins

LED Light Therapy energises the skin cells, stimulates production of collagen & elastin, reduces inflammation and improves absorption of serums resulting in a smoother more hydrated complexion with reduced lines & wrinkles.

Course of 6 LightStim $469

Microdermabrassion OR M-Ceutic Peel with LightStim LED
. 50 mins
Relax & Renew
Source Marine
. 50 mins

Hydration for all skins including the most sensitive skin

Our Signature Facial provides a thirst quenching treatment combining a gentle double phase enzymatic exfoliation with specialised serum and a fresh enveloping masks, leaving skin calm, soft and well hydrated.

Suggested Add-ons: Microdermabrasion, Serum Infusion &/or Eye Treatment

Award Winning Anti-Aging
. 50 mins

Using Thalgo’s award winning anti-aging range, this is the ideal facial for women wanting to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This facial provides intense hydration, leaving your skin feeling lighter, plumper & smoother

Suggested Add-ons: K-Lift &/or LightStim LED

. +20 mins

The ultimate in anti-aging, super charge your facial with a PRO 30 Peel & cooling globes followed by Impulsed Micro Current technology to trigger DNA regeneration and cell repair, re-educate and rejuvenate muscle tissue resulting in firmer muscle tone and redefined facial contours.


LightStim LED
. +20 mins

This patented LED Light Therapy is the most effective and affordable technology for achieving healthy and youthful skin. It is soothing, painless, and can be used on all skin types to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen and elastin production, reduce appearance of pores and ease under eye puffiness.

. +10 mins

Intense exfoliation and resurfacing to smooth fine lines, brighten the complexion, reduce blemishes and promote cell renewal.

Serum Infusion
. +10 mins

A cutting-edge technology that infuses essential nutrients into the dermal layer of the skin to promote collagen regeneration, skin oxygenation and lymphatic circulation.

Eye Flash Treatment
. +10 mins

An innovative relaxing eye mask using pressure point, vibrations and heat to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.

Testimonials LightStim

“I’ve been having professional skin treatments monthly for the past 2yrs including peels & microdermabrassion as well as using suggested homecare but have been becoming more aware of lines appearing on my forehead. I decided to give LightStim a try & was so amazed at the improvement in a single session.

I went on to purchase a course of treatments & it was onlt half way through before people started to comment on how amazing my skin was looking. I have particularly noticed my overall complexion is clearer & my skin is less flushed.” Sharon, 33


“I have been a loyal client at Ballarat’s Sanctuary Day Spa for many years now and I am so glad I decided to give the LightStim course a go, and WOW the difference the LightStim has made in the 6 short weeks has been incredible to say the least!  From just being underneath the lights and meditating for 20mins, to the difference it has made on my facial scars & skin texture has been fantastic.” Sandra, 50+


“I have been visiting Ballarat’s Sanctuary Spa for about 12 months now for a facial every 5 weeks. I have been extremely happy with both the professional treatments and helpful advice given to me by my fabulous therapist, the wonderful Sam.

I had however been wondering if there was something that could be done to help with the natural aging of my skin now that I’m in my fifties. I mentioned this to Sam and she suggested a 6 week course of LightStim.

Last week was my 6th session and I can honestly say I am very happy indeed with my results. My skin is definitely clearer, pores are smaller and my whole face seems to be tighter and brighter. At a pinch I think I could go without base makeup and that would have never happened before!

I look forward to continuing with LightStim and the great results it produces.” Arianne, 50+